Back in 2008 a company called Ventana Gold was IPO:d, it was a gold exploration company based in Colombia that was spun out of Wildcat Silver that many readers here are aware of. The IPO occured while the gold sector was in a deep crisis (2008 bottom), and the stock lost a lot of value in the first months post IPO but once the bottom was in for the sector the stock started to rise rapidly.

This was a 100x from bottom to top! The reason the stock went ballistic was extremely high grade gold intercepts that quickly expanded the known resource.

Could there be a new Ventana case out there? I believe so, but of course it’s highly speculative.

What is needed to fit the Ventana profile? Unusually high grade gold, top notch management, underexplored region, low valuation. A company that I believe fits the Ventana profile is described below:

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